How probiotic capsules can help men and women for better food digestion ?

According to the World Health Organisation, probiotics can be defined as live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. A diet rich in naturally occurring probiotics is now advised and encouraged. Medical Researchers are finding that one of the unlocked keys to good health is right within our gut, specifically in the world of microbes that live in it. It is also where tissues of the immune system reside. The volume of studies are mounting that “good” bacteria are not only beneficial for digestive health but are also extraordinary in stimulating immune system function. Some researchers are already working on understanding new found benefits of probiotics as an essential component in the connection with obesity. The total advantages for probiotic health just keep adding up.

Healthy bacteria or good microflora serve a protective barrier against harmful bacteria, contribute to the production of antimicrobial organisms and help to strengthen the immune system. Imagine your intestinal tract like a parking lot. If all of the spaces are filled with healthy bacteria “probiotics” than unhealthy bacteria are unable to park. This prevents the unhealthy bacteria from damaging the intestinal lining, causing infections or leading to other symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea and abdominal cramping/pain. Maintaining a balanced internal intestinal environment of healthy microflora is essential to maintaining overall good health.

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Some of the specific benefits of probiotic vitamin supplements include decreasing side effects of antibiotics like diarrhea and yeast infections, control urinary tract infections, improve lactose digestion for lactose sensitive or intolerant individuals, control harmful bacteria and boost immune response, prevent formation of harmful bacteria that can lead to colon cancer, relieves constipation, allergies, atopic skin conditions, IBS and Crohn’s symptoms, and helps to reduce blood cholesterol to name just a few. 

Probiotics are live bacterial organisms that help to establish the good bacteria in the intestinal tract and can be ingested as a supplement (in capsule or powder form) or come from fermented foods like yogurt. The benefits of probiotic supplementation described above have been demonstrated for many years in the literature, but unfortunately many of the products sold are completely different than what has been shown to be effective by research. So once again the consumer is left to fend for themselves and try and figure what to buy. Below I hope to give you some guidelines on how to choose a good probiotic.

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In conclusion, today’s lifestyle of high stress, poor diets, lots of carbonated beverages and exposure to toxins and antibiotics through our food and medications lead to a disruption of the healthy bacterial balance of the intestines. Poor digestion, including gas, bloating, and constipation, as well as diarrhea, IBS, and skin disorders are all too common in our society.

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Probiotics are helpful and beneficial bacteria that are found in the intestine. These help neutralize ‘bad’ bacteria and improve nutrient absorption to enhance digestion and immunity that then leads to improved wellness. While probiotics bacteria are found in some foods (fermented foods, yoghurt etc), your body can still lack enough quantity of these due to poor eating habits, consumption of certain medicines like antibiotics, and unbalancing of the gut flora.  Enorgen Probiotics has made it easy to get your daily dosage of probiotics bacteria by blending 14 beneficial strains in optimized dose in one capsule.

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