Omega 3 Supplements Online for Heart , Brain and Joint Health

Omega 3  vitamins are sea cod liver capsules which will help human body to get general wellness on accordance with joint, heart and brain health. It is a unisex vitamin supplement and can be used one capsule per day for human health. The fish oil supplement provide extra fatty acid proteins to our body without flourishing fishy after taste.

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Omega 3  is a nutrient group of about 11 essential fatty acids that the body needs to absorb from outside sources as these cannot be produced by the body on its own. Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for the development of the brain in the case of growing babies and young children. Research shows that expecting mothers who consume higher Omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy have given birth to children with higher IQs. Moreover, a study conducted on 500 children revealed that children with low Omega-3 content in their body found it extremely challenging to concentrate or read.

Since ages, Omega-3 has been associated with improved heart health. The American Heart Association recommends the consumption of fish at least twice a week to reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart ailments. The situations where you need more Omega 3 are Excessive Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, Stress, Intake of excess saturated fat, Before Conception for Women, during the early stages of developmental childhood, Third trimester of pregnancy, during the Brest Feeding for woman, For athletes and fitness freaks to promote healthy joints etc.

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Depending upon your existing health condition such as autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, etc., Omega-3 required by the body may range from 200 mg to 13000 mg. It may also depend on the total Omega-6 you’re consuming in your diet.  Now that you know why it is ‘essential’ to include Omega-3 in your diet, do you think you’ll be able to increase the intake of Omega-3 rich foods quickly? Don’t worry if you are not too fond of eating fish; you can take Omega-supplements to maintain the Omega-3 levels in your body and stay healthy.

Omega 3 also protects you against conditions such as asthma, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, and depression. Good Omega-3 oils keep your joints, eyes, skin, and muscles lubricated. Omega-3 also plays a significant role in the female menstrual cycle by stimulating the production of the right prostaglandin types.

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