Tips to increase muscle protein Synthesis

Are you looking to drop a few pounds and tone up a little? Perhaps you’re sick and tired of being skinny and underweight and want to bulk up and increase your muscle mass? You may even be looking to enter full-blown beast-mode and pack heaps of muscle mass onto your frame, in the hope of building a physique that would give the Hulk a run for his money. Whatever your goals, when it comes to muscle growth and repair, protein is essential. You can, of course buy whey protein as well as other similar supplements online, but on top of supplements you also need to ensure you consume enough whole protein sources. In order for the body to build muscle, protein synthesis needs to occur. It doesn’t matter whether you use creatine, whey protein, or any other supplements online, if you fail to initiate adequate levels of protein synthesis, your muscles simply will not grow. Here’s a look at how to increase muscle protein synthesis.

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When bodybuilders lift weights in the gym, as they will normally buy protein in advance, the second they finish their workouts, they normally chug down a whey protein shake with water. But why the huge rush? Why not wait until they get home? Well, the reason for this is that waiting would mean that they miss the ‘anabolic window’. The anabolic window is a term used to describe the fact that after training, your muscle cells are primed for maximum nutrient absorption. They have expanded in size slightly and are completely empty of glycogen, protein, amino acids, and the other nutrients needed for protein synthesis. As they can absorb more nutrients after training, a whey protein shake is ideal as it is fast absorbing. The protein quickly enters the cells in your muscles, which kick-starts protein synthesis.

Body builders add dextrose to their shakes after training as it causes a spike in insulin levels. Dextrose is a simple sugar which is why insulin levels spike. Insulin unlocks the cells and helps shuttle nutrients inside faster. The idea behind dextrose then, is that the simple sugar spikes insulin, which then shuttles the protein, amino acids, and other nutrients inside your muscle cells. As they are primed to absorb more nutrients than usual, the more they absorb the greater the rates of protein synthesis.

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While many people buy whey protein online to maximize protein synthesis, we need to ensure that we don’t forget about whole protein sources. To ensure your body has what it needs to grow, eat a wide range of healthy protein sources. Whole eggs are great as they contain healthy fats, amino acids, protein, minerals, and choline.
Red meat is rich in protein, B vitamins, and minerals such as zinc and iron. White meat, fish, and seafood are also high in protein, minerals, and low in fat.

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