Why I need Omega 3 Capsules as a Daily Supplement ?

Human essential fatty acids are not produced in the body and must be supplied from outside sources, most commonly omega 3 capsules.  It is estimated that as much as 90% of the Indian population’s diet is deficient in these good fats. Omega 3 essential fatty acids, also known as EPA (eicosepanteanoic acid) and DHA (docohexaenoic acid), are lacking in most Western diets largely because we do not eat enough fish. Cold water fish, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, trout, halibut, cod, flounder and sardines contain the most powerful, concentrated form of essential fatty acids. As such, many people are turning to fish oil supplements to support optimal health.

Studies show that omega 3 acids can benefit heart health in a variety of ways. Many mistakenly believe that fatty acids should be avoided, but what they don’t know is that omega 3 fats actually lower cholesterol.

For one thing, omega 3 fats act as a natural blood thinner, resulting in fewer blood clots. It also reduces the tendency for platelet aggregation, a condition where abnormal cells collect along the edges of your arteries, resulting in reduced blood flow and higher blood pressure. Taking one of the fish oil capsules a day will offer your body the necessary amount of omega 3 fatty acids. They play a great role in the health of your brain, heart as well as in the nervous system functions.

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The omega 3 capsules can also help you alleviating the depression and offer perfect improvements in health conditions like the attention deficit disorder. The capsules are extremely rich in DHA and EPA, two essential fatty acids that have a main role in the stimulation of the brain health. The best health companies will provide the omega-3 consumers important information regarding the products, like the purity of the oils, the method that was used for purifying it, the DHA and EPA content and many more.

The fish oil capsules are tasteless and odourless and you need to check this at the time you consider buying this type of product. They will assist you in achieving a healthy body and a sharp mind without much effort. DHA and EPA are two of the most important essential fatty acids that make Omega 3s. Due to the fact that the human body does not make its own Omega 3 fatty acids, they must come from food sources. Fish oil is the most abundant source of Omega 3s. In order to consume the proper amount of fish oils Omega 3 capsules are available without a prescription in most stores.


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Everyone should have proper amounts of Omega 3s because of the many health benefits they provide. Omega 3 helps the body to fight against many diseases by strengthening the immune system. DHA is especially important for brain health and can prevent cardiac diseases, obesity, cancers, and arthritis.

Essential fatty acids are vital to overall health and wellness and impact nearly every aspect of the body’s ability to function properly. Along with a quality multi-vitamin, omega 3 capsules are an integral part of a healthy diet. Remember that supplements are a convenient way to round out a healthy diet, they are not a substitute for food. As always, it is important to discuss all supplements with your healthcare provider before you begin taking them.

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